Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why I am Almost Mrs. Fox

My absolute favorite movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox. Sure I have classic favorites like Labyrinth, The Boy Who Could Fly, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, etc, but there is something amazing about Fantastic Mr. Fox. The look, the way it was filmed, the voice acting, the stop motion, the colors, the story.. I could talk about it all day.

 I also happen to absolutely LOVE foxes. I think they are the sweetest, most lovable, and breathtakingly beautiful animals.

So naturally, when my husband and I met it was just so fitting for Mr. and Mrs. Fox (aka Foxy) to become our pet names for each other. It also worked because I'm not the biggest fan of modern pet names. Baby and honey i will use on occasion, others make me literally cringe. I'm sorry but I cannot be held responsible for the look on my face when someone says "bae."


My husband and I were both in probably the best shape of our adult lives when we met. He was in a band (swoon!) and had just come off a couple rounds of P90X, and I was a strong, independent, single lady who was about 25 lbs lighter than I am right now because I was taking great care of myself. Fox themed pet names only added to how good we felt about ourselves, both individually and as a couple. I mean come on, who wouldn't love to be referred to as Foxy?!

Fast forward and we were both in probably the WORST shape of our lives we we got married! We were so happy and in love and did the totally cliche thing and got lazy too comfortable. Slightly over a pound a month doesn't seem like a whole lot.. until it's four years later and has now become 60 pounds!!  Oops..

Through thick and thin, not necessarily in that order :D 
Needless to say I was feeling anything but foxy.

Contrary to what today's typical bride-to-be would do, I decided NOT to focus on getting fit for the wedding. I had so many other things to focus on, and even though I was not experiencing nearly as stress as many brides do, it wasn't non-existent. So I focused the wedding day being the happiest day of my life to that point, as opposed to the fact that I would be the heaviest I'd ever been in my entire life.

Because so many friends and family know about our foxy pet names, we got many fox themed gifts and cards, and with the over excitement and stress of the wedding fizzling I decided it was time to get myself in shape - I would say BACK in shape, but even though I have been in BETTER shape, I have never been in GOOD shape. I started to think about our lives together in the long run, whether it be with or without children, and I realized if I kept going down this path we would not have a long and happy life together. With that, I joined Weight Watchers (which had worked for me in the past,) and started plucking away and my health. Then we got our wedding photos back. While I absolutely felt and looked BEAUTIFUL and happy and like an absolute princess, there was no denying I. Had. To. Do. Something. NOW.

I decided then, that I would be ALMOST Mrs. Fox.

Now six months in I find myself struggling a little, which is typical for me, but I refuse to give up. I became deeply inspired by Katie's story when I stumbled across the Runs for Cookies blog. Sometimes I felt like I was reading about myself. And I realized I can do this. I just have to not give up.

Now I know this is getting super lengthy so I will stop now. Be back for more blog fun soon!

No more quitting.

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