Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday, monday..

HOW is it Monday already?! I really needed just ONE more weekend day to collect myself. Luckily today is an easy work day.

The past 6 days have been an absolute blur. I have so much to empty out of my head, so I apologize in advance if this gets lengthy!

Tuesday Mr. Fox and I went to a first time home buyers class to find out the first steps of looking for a home. That was supposed to be our only busy day. The class was excellent and I would HIGHLY recommend if anyone is looking to get more information, find a free class. We learned SO much about what we need to do in the next 6 months or so.

When we got home from the class we relaxed for a bit, then we heard the news about Doug. I subsequently had to call and notify my family. Doug was just as much a part of our family as he was a friend, so that was rough. This whole week was overturned with that news. I haven't really had a much of a chance to relax since then.

I had been planning a surprise party for my best friend for her 30th birthday. I had it all worked out. Wednesday I would make cupcakes, Thursday I would frost the cupcakes, and go to Party City and get decorations, Friday afternoon I would order the food to be ready for the guests, then I would have plenty of time to decorate the room for the party. Then we would have the perfect party and be able to sleep in on Saturday! Big dreams. No such luck in them going that easily!!

I spent most of Wednesday crying, and my family spent most of Wednesday consoling each other. Losing Doug hit so close to home. I still managed to get to the store for all the cupcake ingredients, but I was just not up to actually making them.

I also had to touch base with the party guests to make sure there would still be a good turn out. I had NO idea how stressful planning a surprise party is!! What if nobody comes was my worst fear all week. I came SO close to pulling the plug on it. But I'm SO glad I didn't! More on that later..

Thursday my dad needed me. Doug had become a second son to him. He and my brother are both struggling, recovering addicts who always wanted to see each other succeed, and this is the closest thing to losing my brother. My dad essentially lost a son. So I spent quite some time with him, which was nice as always, but I still had so much to do. I got home around 6:30 pm and got to making the cupcakes. I LOVE baking but my heart and mind were somewhere else. Luckily they still came out amazing!! Hubby and I ended up eating dinner super late and having yet another very late to bed night.

Totally 80's!! 
Friday was here before I got a chance to realize it wasn't Tuesday anymore. I managed to squeak out of work an hour early (thank God because I would NOT have been able to pull everything off otherwise) and start on my errands. I met a friend of Emily's (my bff I was throwing the party for) who couldn't make it to the party to pick up a gift, went immediately to party city to get a million dollars worth of 80's themed decorations and costume gear, had to go home and make frosting, frosted the cupcakes, showered, got 80's dolled up, made it to the restaurant, realized OMG we hadn't ordered food yet!! Got that done.. STILL have not taken a second to really relax at this point..

Note: re: the 80's thing: Emily let spill one day that in her "wildest dreams" she would "obviously love to have a huge 80's party" so I RAN with that!! I ran so far awa-a-ay.. ha.. see what I did there? Ok anyway..

My beautiful best friend, Emily!! 
I started stressing people were still not coming but then people started to show up. Big sigh of relief. Even my mom and brother came with all they had going on. Mr. Fox and my sister in law (who also got decked out in 80's gear) got an awesome 80's playlist ready to go. When Emily got there she was SO surprised!! I was so proud!! The party was amazing and she was so grateful. We really got her! It's *really* hard to pull something like that off with her!! She is the person who people tell everything! I almost spoiled it myself a couple times!! I was SO glad I didn't pull the plug.

Even though that was a LATE night I was OK with it. I got home and showered because I knew I had to be up early. When I got out of the shower I noticed my dog was hiding behind the rocking chair, which she NEVER does. I realized she didn't make a big deal of me coming home but I thought she was just mad that we had been so busy, and not around enough through the week. Then I noticed her front paws were wet and odd colored, like brownish pink. I immediately looked for vomit or something and found nothing. Anywhere. I noticed she was acting weird and not vocal like she usually is and immediately called my husband. He came right home and we rushed her to the emergency vet. I was a MESS!!

When we walked in they said they needed to get her in the back before we even filled out paperwork because it looked like her jaw might be broken - WHAT?! Thank GOD that was not it. She had the screw-on ring to one of my frosting piping bag lodged so far up in the back of her mouth that she couldn't close it, and that brownish pink stuff was blood and drool from her trying to dislodge it. Needless to say I felt like the worst doggie mama EVER!! I made sure to pick up all the frosting stuff I could find but she must have gotten it before I did the sweep, so who knows how long she was scared and in pain for. They had to sedate her to take it out because it was so far back and she was scared and biting (even my husband!). She is completely fine now, thank goodness, but that whole adventure left us going to bed around 5 am.

This is Doug, and the face I will always remember when I think of him. 
We got about 4 hours of broken sleep before we had to get up for Doug's funeral. It was a beautiful service that captured him flawlessly. My mom and brother read an amazingly beautiful reading that they wrote. It was one of the hardest days for us all. I cannot even begin to imagine what his family is going through. Saying goodbye was tough. But the pastor did an amazing job reminding us how we will know when he is with us. And we will. Doug was such a unique man there is no doubt in my mind I will know when he is near.

Mr. Fox and I opted out of the luncheon after in favor of a nap before heading out to yet another evening with friends. We, again, almost cancelled but were happy we didn't. We hadn't seen these friends in weeks - since before they asked Mike to be not only in their wedding but to perform the service! He became ordained over the summer to marry other friends and since had become everyone's go-to for that, which is such a special way to be a part of the ceremony!! It was a super fun relaxing night. We had a couple drinks, had Taco Bell, and watched a cheesy B horror flick - Fright Night. It was ANOTHER late night but worth it.

Sunday was family dinner day. We picked up Chloe, who stayed the night at my mom's so she wouldn't feel rejected with us being out and leaving her Saturday night. The day was filled with comfort food. Much needed for the soul - not so much for the scale haha.

Today I am super back on track but SO exhausted from the past 6 days. I see an early bedtime tonight!!

Phew!! I had SO much to get out!! I could seriously go on and on for hours but I will leave it at that and post more this week.

Happy Monday!! Sending all my positive energy out in the world to all who need it.

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