Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Exercise Commitment

Exercise is a four letter word to me.

I KNOW it's good for me.
I KNOW it's important for lasting weight loss maintenance.
I know.. I know.. I know..

But I still HATE the first step from sedentary to active lifestyle. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

It is amazing how difficult it can be to start an activity routine, but how easy it is to fall out of one. And how easy it is to make excuses to put off starting again.

I can't afford the gym.
It's cold outside.
It's hot outside.
I'm tired.
We don't have room for a treadmill.. elliptical.. whatever..
I'll start Monday.. the 1st of the month.. New Year's Day..

Enter: my new exercise BFF!!! This little machine packs a surprisingly effective full body workout into a tiny package. You can feel the twisty motion toning, your whole core is naturally engaged because there is no upright bar or handles, you can get an arm/shoulder/back/chest workout using the resistance cords. Just amazing!

I had big dreams of stepping through a whole episode of The Blacklist.

Dreams is the key word.

Maybe one day soon, but for now I had to stick to 20 minutes. And those 20 minutes were broken down into two 5 minute bursts and one 10 minute burst with a minute or two in between. But OH I am SO in love! I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who doesn't know where to start.

Related side note: I am currently about 252 lbs give or take due to TOM and a new exercise routine, the machine max weight is 250. I have had NO issues but I do make sure not to turn the resistance up too much so I don't blow the hydraulics.

Because I wanted to get 30-40 minutes of activity in, and it was NOT happening all in one shot on the stepper yet, I decided to do a little yoga. I found a great 20ish minute video online that was great for me as a beginner!! I loved the instructor. She was real. Immaculate shape and beautiful. But definitely real.

I actually loved the routine so much I got up early this morning to do it. I felt so refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Added bonus: TOM came with almost NO cramps!! Maybe a coincidence. Maybe not. But I am quite satisfied, so....


Let's find out...

What are some of your favorite activities?

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