Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Confession of a Daily Weigher.

Good morning!!

Has everyone had their coffee yet?? Mine is cooling down right now.

So this morning I couldn't help myself ~ I hopped on the scale. I tell myself every single day to stop weighing myself every single day. In a way though, I feel like it keeps me accountable. When I feel like I'm really OP I love weighing every day because I usually see a tiny loss. Or a maintain which is equally as awesome in my humble opinion. Sometimes when I had what I consider to be a "bad day" I like to WI the next morning as well to see the damage.

On occasion this can backfire. I see the damage and get discouraged. Then I stop daily weighing in favor of eating everything that comes into my line of vision for the next few days. This happened recently, hence my 5 lb gain a couple weeks ago. Luckily this is rare, and I feel I'm getting good control of it this time around.

Today was a good daily weigh. I've almost lost the 5 lb I gained after a couple bad weeks. So.. happy dance! We'll see what Friday brings. I'm considering getting a little calendar and recording my daily weights. I don't want to get obsessive or anything but it can be interesting to see any patterns that emerge, especially around TOM which is generally either a horrific gain or an amazing loss for me. Weird.

In other news, I saw the prettiest little rainbow spot on my way home from work last night. It was like a little beacon of positivity that made me smile. I got a pretty great picture of it that I wanted to share.

Doesn't it make you smile? Don't you feel happy and warm and positive just looking at it? Like a mosquito attracted to a flame.. maybe it's just me..


There's my rambling for today! My coffee should be almost ready to drink!

I hope everyone has a super happy day!!

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