Thursday, November 5, 2015

Weigh In Eve

I realize now that I never posted my weigh in results from last week - down 0.2 lb for a current total weight loss of 32.7 lbs since February. I'm super frustrated with myself for my lack of self control lately. My momentary lapse in keeping away from Halloween candy at work the other day sent me into a little bit of a tail spin! Oops. 

I hopped on the scale this morning just to see how much damage I did. Not terrible. I was up a little, but that was totally expected, and you never know what tomorrow will bring. 

This week I really need to commit to being 100% on plan. 

The biggest thing I'm struggling with right now is binge eating - be they large or small it needs to stop. So far, the largest struggle is getting through to Mr. Fox. He just does not believe I have a problem with food, and that just sucks. I feel really alone in my struggles because of it. I've tried to have serious sit down conversations and explain to him that my relationship with food is unhealthy, and though I'm doing my best to stay on top of it, it gets the best of me sometimes. 

He has a friend who is a food addict - he goes to Over-eaters Anonymous and is doing a great job overcoming his addiction. He's honestly an inspiration. I truly do not feel that I am a food addict, but I do believe I have a true problem with binge eating. 

Because of this, Mr. Fox refuses to believe that I have legitimately disordered eating habits. He ignores my outpouring of my thoughts and feelings, and if anything I feel that he encourages me to overeat. I have asked him not to eat certain things in front of me. I have asked him not to have snacks in front of me once I have decided I am done eating for the night. We have fought about it, and I have given up and given in. It makes me really sad, and it makes me feel like I don't have a support system in my husband. 

I'm seriously considering contacting a psychologist I found online who specializes in Binge Eating Disorder and other disordered eating. 

Now I definitely did not mean this to be such a downer post so I'll wrap that part up, and leave you with a picture of my kitty pretending he's comfortable sleeping in a spot that is too small for him. 

Happy almost Friday! I'll post tomorrow with my weigh in results! 

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