Monday, November 9, 2015

My Saturday In Pictures.

Saturday I had the most incredible opportunity to go to an open studio for my favorite artist, Josh Simpson!! He is an unbelievably talented, world renowned glass artist, and I'm so lucky that he is local to New England. This was his first open studio in 22 years, and it gave his fans the chance to not only browse his pieces, but to purchase older or "imperfect pieces for reduced pricing, AND to watch him work!! How amazing it was to be able to watch my favorite artist actually creating the beautiful glass pieces I have admired for so many years!! 

I took well over 400 photos of the studio and him at work, but I'll just share a handful of my favorites for today. Once I get photos of the pieces I purchased I'll put them up as well. 

Multi solid colored glass vases were arranged in the most beautiful rainbow:  

His planets and other pieces were hidden everywhere! I love how they look in the plants: 

I had the opportunity to meet Josh for the second time - this is a blurry photo but I should have a more clear one on the way to me! My mom calls him the only man who can render me speechless!! 

Josh showing a piece of glass cane the team just got finished making: 

A planet hidden on a rack of blow tubes: 

Josh and his team at work: 

Josh heating glass in the glory hole - I am not even kidding, that is what they call it. I was pretty amused by that, and surprised more people weren't laughing! 

I think this is when they decided this would be a bowl: 

Me and my beautiful mama: 

The view from the hill - Josh's yard: 

I'll definitely have a longer post within the next couple days but I just couldn't wait to share these!! 

Happy Monday!! 

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