Thursday, December 3, 2015

To Thanksgiving and Beyond!

Good morning, friends! 

Chloe gave the pie her stamp of approval! 
I have been super busy lately so not much of a chance to get on here. I've been doing well and feeling pretty in control, the scale has been giving me some trouble but I'm trying not to focus on that so much as how I feel. 

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was SUPER relaxing which is always awesome! My mom, Mr. Fox, and I went to my dad and brother's for the day - my parents are divorced but still friends. Long story. Mom and I did the cooking which was nice because I had a lot of control over what the PointsPlus values of the meal, and all the control over what went into the foods I made. I definitely did eat more than I planned on, and I stopped tracking after some stuffed mushrooms and a taste of stuffing, but I was more in control than in past years, and it felt really good! 

My favorite food was probably a tie between mom's stuffing and the cranberry sauce I made. And my favorite dessert was my butternut squash pie. This was the first time I attempted it, and it was even better than pumpkin! Super smooth and delicious! And I was able to use about half the sugar because roasted butternut is so naturally sweet!! SO yum!! 

We spent the evening relaxing by the beautiful fire! 

The rest of the long weekend was fairly uneventful, but also relaxing. Lots of snuggling and reading. I did decide to kick my commitment for intentional exercise into high gear and hopped on my stepper for 30 minutes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I skipped Monday because I had to go grocery shopping and it just got too late, but I did it again Tuesday and last night!  I'm feeling pretty good about it. 

Sunday we spent some time with my in-laws with football and good food. I love hanging out with the kids. They snuck my phone and were playing with the doodle app. I have to share their masterpiece haha! 

Conference call!
This week has been alright so far. Busy nights and dreadfully boring days due to not enough work. This weekend is fairly busy though! Dinner with mom tonight, probably dinner with dad tomorrow, Ugly Sweater 5K on Saturday morning, Mr. Fox has a show on Saturday night. Hopefully getting our tree on Sunday!! 

Post workout selfie!
My scale woes are tough. My Friday WI showed me at 255 which was right where I wanted to get to. I hopped on Wednesday night and Thursday morning and it showed a 4.5 lb gain. Which undoes weeks of work. Last night I was really excited because my body fat percentage had gone down 3% according to my scale. I did it again and again and was feeling really good - like the exercise is paying off. This morning - back up 3%. WTF. Literally WTactualF. 

Now it could be many things. I succumbed to a binge on Sunday night. I didn't even begin to track because I couldn't even think of all the things I ate. It's also TOM for me. And I have been exercising which can show a gain. 

Regardless it's still discouraging. 

I'm not going to let it stop me though. I will continue to work the plan and pray that is works for me. 

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